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This is a pre-order. Local farm pickup and shipping will begin in March according to zones.


Princesse Charlene de Monaco® has apricot to light pink ruffled petals and a very sweet fruity fragrance. It’s perfectly fitting that it bears the name Princess. Extremely disease resistant as well as rain tolerant makes it an excellent choice for our PNW weather. Abundance of blooms and repeat blooming pattern makes it an excellent choice for cut flower.


These bare root roses arrive dormant with canes, roots and no leaves. After soaking your bare roots for 24 hours they are ready to be planted! They will produce abundantly during the spring and summer seasons. All of our roses are grafted. Which in some areas may require a little additional winter care, such as heavy mulching in colder zones. Ensuring that you bury the bud union is its best protection. This is our preferred method of planting roses at our farm as the plants produce vigirously within the first year perfect for cut flowers.


Please note:

As with any crop, some changes are out of our control. Pre-orders are subject to final crop reviews. In the event your rose variety becomes unavailable, a substitution or full refund will be available.

Princess Charlene de Monaco Bare Root Rose

  • Color:

    Soft Pink

  • Type:

    Hybrid Tea

  • Height:

    5 '

  • Width:


  • Suitable Zones:


  • Shipping:

    Local farm pickup and shipping will begin March according to zones.

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